2023-2024 State Student Officers


President, Madyson Carlyle, Collinsville High School

I serve as your Illinois TSA State President. I have participated in TSA for the past three years, and it has changed my life for the better. I aspire to bring new ideas to Illinois TSA and make TSA better for both current and future members.
"Believe you can and you're halfway there." -Theodore Roosevelt 

Vice-President, Raiyan Hasan, Bartlett High School

My name is Raiyan Hasan, and I am a senior at Bartlett High School. I have been in TSA for the past four years and have loved every minute of it. I also enjoy being part of a variety of other activities, such as VEX Robotics, Math Team, Science National Honors Society, and the school's Tennis Team. I am passionate about STEM topics and love learning more about the world around me.

Treasurer, Taylor Rodriguez, Minooka Community High School

I am a senior at Collinsville High School, and am completing my fourth year in TSA. I have been fortunate to compete at both the state and national TSA competitions. My goals for the future include majoring in mechanical engineering and becoming further invested in the engineering world. In the last year of my high school career, my goals are to execute the administration of my office successfully, and influence underclassmen to become a part of our organization. Let's leave a legacy! 

Secretary, Mira Patel, Bartlett High School


Reporter, Kate Harris, Collinsville High School

I am a junior at Collinsville High School; this is my third year as a TSA Member. I have competed in the National and State conferences the past two years. In addition to TSA, I also participate on my school’s VEX Robotics team, which I have been on for the past five years. I am on the tennis team and President of the Class of 2025. In the future, I plan to put some of my engineering skills to use and become a Disney Imagineer - I want to major in Mechanical Engineering. As your State Reporter. I want to share our experiences as a state and share TSA with schools across Illinois to bring in more chapters.

Sergeant-At-Arms, Darrell Lillard, Collinsville High School

I am a sophomore at Collinsville High School, and have been a member of TSA for two years. During my past year in TSA, I have had the pleasure to participate in both state and nationals conferences. I am the treasurer of my school's STEM club, and am a good standing member of its VEX robotics team. My dreams for the future are to become an architect , as I have always loved building and designing structures. As your TSA sergeant-at-arms, my goal is to make TSA a comfortable experience for you to enjoy and cherish. Remember determination and hard work are a key part to succeeding, so never give up.