IL-TSA Leadership Conference

Illinois TSA held its fall leadership conference on September 25-26 via Zoom. The keynote speakers were Lauran Widman, Assistant Professor at Joliet Junior College and two-time state Illinois TSA officer, and Abigail Garofalo, University of Illinois Extension. The theme of the leadership conference was the leaderships skills afforded by being a member of a CTSO.

I can take away from this conference how leadership is not only about one person doing all of the work. That it is okay for things to become crazy at times and that you shouldn’t make decisions alone, but as a team.Leadership is a vital skill that must be utilized in various methods to solve a given issue, whether it be extremely simple or outrageously complex.It is just as important to gain interest as it is to make ideas.Try involving every member. Make them feel welcomed into the chapter so they can become a leader in the future. Help others after you’re gone.My takeaway is that we should trust all of our community. “There are no saboteurs.” I can also take away the knowledge of the different types of problems and how to tackle those problems as a team.
What I believe we should take away from this is to always talk problems out with your group. Never try to make a hard decision on your own and listen to what other people have to say.
Some challenges are unforeseen and some problems don’t actually exist. There are no saboteurs. The main thing is to be ready for problems and to roll with them. Listen to everybody and experiment. Don’t take total control of a group. Just make it work as best as possible for everyone.  Don’t be aggressive or defensive. Be supportive.
At the TSA leadership conference, I learned how to improve my communication and networking skills. The leadership presenter, Dr. Dave, gives an interesting and fast-paced lecture that is both fun and informative. He really taught me how to be a better leader, not only in TSA, but in life. He showed that making activities fun increased productivity. He also showed how to streamline communication. Lastly, he showed us how to deal with the problems we face every day.
To promote leadership, I learned that you should have good communication skills. You shouldn’t accuse someone of something just  because they don’t agree with you. Working together with people and trusting them makes things a lot easier.
Leadership isn’t always about a central person, barking commands to others. It is about working together as a group to innovate and come up with new ideas. Leaders must have good qualities that make people want to follow and listen to them. Leadership requires more than an iron fist. It requires a series of good attributes.
Sometimes, as a group, you need to have an actual leader. And other times, you need to have a network of communication. As a leader, it is bad to start issuing commands if they don’t help to control the situation. It will just make people argue. People need to work together and take the best of every idea.